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Welcome to the Local Proud Authorized Reseller Program

We're excited about your interest in becoming an Authorized Local Proud Reseller! This site will help you understand the program and evaluate whether it's a good fit for your business.

What is Local Proud?
Local Proud is a brand new discount card program designed to help vitalize the local economy.  Area merchants offer discounts that are honored when consumers show their free Local Proud Perks card.  You invite businesses to be a part of this "co-op type" program for a small monthly fee. They get to determine their offers and are able to change them anytime via a convenient web interface.   No special equipment is required for you or your customers.

Local Proud Perks is essentially a coupon program without the coupons, so it promotes the "Go Green" movement while promoting and instilling community support. And with the economy still struggling to get back to normal, this is the perfect opportunity to enter into the discount arena.

Through this unique program, you are able to offer traditional and internet marketing to your clients. There is sponsorship space on the back of the Perks cards that will be distributed to the public. This allows businesses that do not traditionally use discounts or coupons to be a part of the program. They get great exposure by being on the back of thousands of consumer cards that are used on a daily basis. Plus, it is a great way to increase your revenue potential.

Low Start-Up Cost

With every business venture there is some degree of risk involved. And with a legitimate business model, the success relies on you - not gimmicky schemes. We are willing to share in the risk by sharing in your success. We do not charge monthly fees and provide you with a start-up kit that gives you the materials to get your business off the ground instantly.

Your Own Business

The Local Proud Authorized Reseller Program is not an affiliate program - it is your own business where we supply the model, support and materials. You get to set your pricing and sell it however you like. We've done all the ground work, you can take it and run with it! While some of this may sound too good to be true, keep in mind - success relies on you. Your hard work and dedication will determine how well your business takes off and grows. We will give you the tools. You will have to build it.